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A comprehensive inventory of The Beatles music and video collection of Mark Lawson with detailed information about each track and release.
John Lennon
This web site presents a multi-searchable data base of my entire collection of 12,612 recordings by The Beatles and Beatle-related artists such as John Lennon and The Plastic Ono Band, Paul McCartney and Wings, The Traveling Wilburys, Ringo Starr and The All-Starr Band and many, many, more. If one or more of The Beatles played or sang on it, then it is probably listed here and usually with some interesting details about the recording.

Paul McCartney
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A listing of each song and where to find it in my collection (i.e. what CD, album or video it is on, etc.).
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  A listing of each vinyl disk including the 33 1/3 rpm long play records (LPs), 45 rpm singles and EPs (extended play records).
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  A listing of all video media including DVDs, video compact disks, VHS tapes, etc. Chapter listings for DVDs and other information included.
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George Harrison    
  I have been fascinated by the work of The Beatles for a long time. I have been collecting recordings by them since 1976 which is longer than I have been an adult. Over the years my interests grew beyond the official recordings, and also from group efforts to solo-Beatle projects, and from collectible vinyl to CDs and video media. I even started collecting material by other artists that had one or more of The Beatles contributions as supporting musicians. What I really wanted to do was to get everything they ever did musically, but the more I collected and the more I learned, the more I realized what a nearly impossible endeavor this would be. So I do not claim to have everything; maybe everything that I am aware of, but not everything. Whenever I become privy to something I don't have, I do what I can to get it, and into this listing it goes. For more on the purpose of this web site, click here. For a list of some external related web sites, click here.

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