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The Purpose of this Web Site

Obviously there are many, many releases that have come out that are by The Beatles or are Beatles-related (i.e. by a Beatle or include one or more Beatles as supporting musicians). This site is not representing an attempt to list them all. It is only listings of the ones I, as a private collector,have managed to acquire. There are photos of official releases and some bootlegs on the site however in many case where it is my own compilation or a "home-burned" CD, or DVD there is no provision for ad-hoc cover art photography. Many recordings come from television appearances, soundboard recordings from concerts and the like so there are no official or acquired bootleg version in my collection. However I have it saved on a self-recorded disc and list it without a photo.

The information on this site started out as a data base I maintained on my hard drive mainly for the sake of just keeping up with all the different versions of Beatles songs that I have. From there it was expanded to a private web site. Where you are at now is the next step: an accompanying public site that allows many ways to search for Beatles songs, audio or video releases and a good bit of information about each one. Although these listings only include what is within my collection, it should be noted that all the major releases in the UK or US markets are in my possession and included here. This means that this site can be used effectively as a discography or videography resource with that in mind. For each unique track I have tried to provide as much information as I know about it in the most organized way that I was able to come up with. For valuable or somewhat rare releases, information is given in the various remarks fields that describe the item and the reason for it's value or obscurity (i.e. Butcher cover versions of the Yesterday...And Today LP, etc.).

A note on dates: The dates given in this data base (recorded dates, release dates, etc.) have been determined using a wide variety of resources and if estimated, this is annotated in the accompanying remarks fields along with what is known about the dates. The Complete Beatles Chronicle by Mark Lewisohn is one resource that proved quite invaluable along with The Beatles - The Ultimate Recording Guide by Allen J. Weiner, The Beatles Anthology by The Beatles and other books, album and CD liner notes, recorded interviews with The Beatles, etc. If you have any questions about any of the information on this site you may contact me at d[email protected].

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