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TitleLP: All Things Must Pass (50th Anniversary Edition) (Uber Deluxe Box Set)
ArtistGeorge Harrison
TypeLP No Disks8  Copies1
Original Release11/27/1970 CountryUS  LabelApple/Universal Music Group
Catalog NoUIJY-75194/201  Release StatusOfficial  
A specially numbered edition released on 08/06/2021 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the release of All Things Must Pass. Part of the Uber Deluxe Box Set that also contains 1 BluRay disc and 5 CDs (both listed separately in the Video and CD sections of this database). Contains new mixes by Paul Hicks and supervised by Dhani Harrison. Sides 1-6 are the original triple album. Sides 7-10 are May 26, 1970 demoes. Sides 11-12 are May 27, 1970 demoes. Sides 13-16 are studio out-takes and jams from the All Things Must Pass sessions. SIde 1 contains tracks 1-4. Side 2 contains tracks 5-9. Side 3 contains tracks 10-14. Side 4 contains tracks 15-18. Side 5 contains tracks 19-21. Side 6 contains tracks 22-23. Side 7 contains tracks 24-27. Side 8 contains tracks 28-31. Side 9 contains tracks 32-35. Side 10 contains track 36-38. Side 11 contains tracks 39-45. Side 12 contains tracks 46-53. Side 13 contains tracks 54-57. Side 14 contains tracks 58-62. Side 15 contains tracks 63-66. Side 16 contains tracks 67-70. Sealed copies of vinyl (unopened).