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TitleLP: Scouse The Mouse (UK)
ArtistRingo Starr (w/Adam Faith, Donald Pleasence, Lucy Pleasence, Polly Pleasence, Rick Jines Ben Chatterly, Jim Parker and Barbara Dickson)
TypeLP No Disks1  Copies1
Original Release12/09/1977 CountryUK  LabelPolydor
Catalog No2480 429  Release StatusOfficial  
Scouse the Mouse is a children's album released on 9 December 1977 in the UK. it tells the story of a mouse from Liverpool who goes from living in a pet shop to becoming a star The album, which was the third and final release in Starr’s three-album deal with Polydor Records, was not issued in the United States. It contains vocals by Ringo, Adam Faith, Donald Pleasence and Barbara Dickson. Tracks 1-7 are on side 1 and tracks 8-15 are on side 2. Tracks 1, 3, 5, 8, 9, 11, 13 and 15 feature vocals by Ringo. Track 11 also includes Polly Pleasence on vocals. Tracks 2 and 10 are by Barbara Dickson. Track 4 is by Ben Chatterly. Track 6 is by Adam Faith. Track 7 is by Lucy Pleasence. Track 12 is by Jim Parker and track 14 is by Rick Jones. Ringo's 8 tracks plus other tracks on the LP feature spoken narrations by Ringo. Times of all tracks listed below include times of narrations which are banded together with the music. Durations of music without narrations are shorter. Ringo's 8 tracks (without narrations) appear separately on bootleg CD Scouse The Mouse/Ringo Starr and His All-Starr Band also in this collection.