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Vinyl Details (Vinyl Details page glossary)
TitleLP: Some Time In New York City
ArtistJohn Lennon, Yoko Ono/Plastic Ono Band/Elephant's Memory plus Invisible Strings
TypeLP No Disks2  Copies3
Original Release06/12/1972 CountryUS  LabelApple
Catalog NoSVBB 3392  Release StatusOfficial  
Tracks 1-5 on side 1. Tracks 6-10 on side 2. Tracks 11-12 on side 3. Tracks 13-16 on side 4. Record jacket APP 3392.SC1 with record label APP 3392.SR1 and custom inner sleeves APP 3392.ISA and APP 3392.ISB and inserts APP 3392.PC (post card), APP 3392.P (immigration petition). Second and third copies are from the 2015 Lennon 9-LP vinyl LP box set which took the original analog tapes and transferred them to 96k digital files and used these files to cut the new vinyl.