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Vinyl Details (Vinyl Details page glossary)
TitleLP: Egypt Station II
ArtistPaul McCartney
TypeLP No Disks2  Copies2
Original Release05/10/2019 CountryUS  LabelCapitol
Catalog NoB002875721  Release StatusOfficial  
Bonus180gm black vinyl LP packaged exclusively with the limited box set Egypt Station Traveller's Edition. Bothh copies are sealed (unopened). Tracks 1-3 on side 1. Tracks 4-7 on side 2. The CD version of Egypt Station II, also in this collection, comes packaged with the Egypt Station Explorer's Edition and contains 3 additional tracks: Get Started and Nothing For Free (first available on some deluxe editions of the Egypt Station CD from Target stores in the US or HMV stores in the UK) along with Get Enough, previously a download-only single released on New Year's Day 2019. These 3 tracks appear on a USB in the Egypt Station Traveller's Edition.