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Vinyl Details (Vinyl Details page glossary)
TitleLP: Reel Music
ArtistThe Beatles
TypeLP No Disks1  Copies1
Original Release03/22/1982 CountryUS  LabelCapitol
Catalog NoSV-12199  Release StatusOfficial  
A collection of songs from The Beatles movies. Tracks 1-8 on side 1 and tracks 9-14 on side 2. Record jacket is CAP 12199.SC1 with custom inner sleeve CAP 12199.ISb and souvenir program CAP 12199.SP and record label variation CAP 12199.SR1. Winchester pressing. This album had the U.S. stereo debut of A Hard Day's Night and Ticket To Ride which had previously only been on a mono and duophonic (i.e. fake stereo) mix in the U.S. The custom inner sleeve with this record varies from the one described in Bruce Spizer's The Beatles Swan Song reference in that instead of a matrix display of 25 albums by The Beatles it is a solid black background with a Reel Music logo in the upper left corner. I believe this must be the Canadian or English inner sleeve. For this reason I have given it a lowercase 'b' suffix in the description (above).