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Track Details (Track Details page glossary)
TitleCaveman (Main Title)
ArtistLalo Schifrin
VocalsR/others Authorship  Schifrin Time  0:10:32 Recorded  03/15/1980 Order in day1
Initally released onLP: Caveman (Original MGM Motion Picture Soundtrack) Release date04/14/1981 Release StatusOfficial
Primary location in my collectionCD: Caveman (Original MGM Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Ringo Starr is singing (and sort of grunting) in his leading roll as Atouk the caveman in a scene from the Caveman film that depicts the invention of music. This segment from the film is used in the final 3 minutes of this track and begins when one of Ringo's/Atouk's tribesmen blows into a gourd. Although he does not actually play drums on the recording Ringo can be seen in the film banging sticks as he sings. Estimated recorded date based on the knowledge that the filming for the movie began in February 1980 and this was recorded during the filming. By summer of 1980 Ringo was busy recording his Stop And Smell The Roses album. The estimated release date is assumed to be during the same week that the Caveman movie made it's US premier (April 17th, 1981). Track 1 on this CD.

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