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Track Details (Track Details page glossary)
TitleI'm Only Sleeping (UK mono mix)
ArtistThe Beatles
VocalsJ Authorship  L/M Time  0:02:58 Recorded  04/27/1966 Order in day5
Initally released onLP: Revolver (UK mono) Release date08/05/1966 Release StatusOfficial
Primary location in my collectionCD: Revolver (2009 Mono Remaster)
Take 11, the master. Vocal overdubs were added on April 29th and May 5-6, 1966. In the UK mono mix there is backwards guitar in verse two on "where at such a speed" and "there's no need" and the guitar ends at the end of the solo (it continues on the US mono mix with the words "please don't"). In verse three there is background guitar on "staring at the ceiling" which is unlike any of the other official mixes. The guitar starts immediately after the last word "sleeping" at the end (it comes in 4 beats later on the US mono mix).

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