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Track Details (Track Details page glossary)
TitleStrawberry Fields Forever
ArtistThe Beatles
VocalsJ Authorship  L/M Time  0:03:08 Recorded  12/15/1966 Order in day5
Initally released onCD: Turn Me On Dead Man - The John Barrett Tapes Release date07/10/1999 Release StatusBootleg
Primary location in my collectionCD: Turn Me On Dead Man - The John Barrett Tapes
EMI sessions take 26 remix 9 (RM9). This differs from the take 26 recording on the bootleg CD It's Not Too Bad as this still has a vocal track over the beginning section that was erased on the account there. Also there are some other overdub differences. This was combined with the first minute from take 7 and some edit pieces recorded on Dec. 9th 1966 and slowed down to create the master. Another recording of this take appears on the CD Bootleg Back Track but it plays too fast and the studio gibberish at the intro is not included. Various overdub recordings were made over several days in December 1966 the last of which was the 21st. Estimated release date known to be in July 1999. Also appears on the bootleg CD Yellow Submarine (mono Odeon fake) as a bonus track on the CD-R set Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band Deluxe Edition Volume Two - Sessions at disc 1, track 14.

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