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Track Details (Track Details page glossary)
Title'Well Darling'    [Listen to this track on]
ArtistThe Beatals
VocalsJP Authorship  L/M Time  0:04:46 Recorded  04/20/1960 Order in day11
Initally released onCD: Strong Before Our Birth Release date07/01/2007 Release StatusBootleg
Primary location in my collectionCD: Strong Before Our Birth
Recorded at Paul McCartney's house at 20 Forthlin Row Allerton, Liverpool with Stu Sutcliffe recently added on bass. Since the group was drummer-less at the time, occasional percussion can be heard by Paul's younger brother Mike. George Harrison does not appear to be present on the recording. Paul recalls this as part of a collection of recordings made in his bathroom over Easter vacation in 1960, so the estimated recording date listed here is around April 1960 at a time when they were calling themselves 'The Beatals'. Also featured as track 9 on disc 1 of the bootleg CD Wild Cat!, also in this collection, though not complete there and here it has been speed-corrected making this a better account of the source. Track 11 on disc 1 of this CD set. Estimated release date known to be in 2007.

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