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Track Details (Track Details page glossary)
TitleThank You Guru Dev (aka Indian Rope Trick)(aka Spiritual Regeneration)    [Listen to this track on]
ArtistThe Beatles
VocalsPG/Donovan Authorship  L/M Time  0:01:17 Recorded  03/15/1968 Order in day1
Initally released onCD: Artifacts 4-Inner Revolution 1968 Release date01/01/1993 Release StatusBootleg
Primary location in my collectionCD: Artifacts 4-Inner Revolution 1968
Recorded by the Ganges river on The Beatles' trip to India with Donovan, Michael Love of The Beach Boys and friends. Estimated recording date is known to be in March 1968 and assumed to be on Mike's 27th birthday as they sing a birthday greeting to him in the song. This is the first of two songs joined together as track six on this CD. Estimated release date.

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