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TitleDVD: Born To Boogie
ArtistT. Rex, Ringo Starr, Elton John
TypeDVD  No Disks2  Copies1
Release Date06/07/2005  LabelSanctuary Visual Entertainment
Catalog No06076-88414-9 Release StatusOfficial  
1972 film of live concert footage of T. Rex directed and also starring Ringo Starr. Ringo appears in various vignettes throughout the film and even sings and plays drums during a jam session. Tracks 1-16 are on Disk 1 and make up the original Born To Boogie movie. Tracks 17-28 are on Disk 1 and make up the evening concert (used in the movie) from March 18, 1972. Track 29 is the Born To Boogie Movie Trailer and is also on Disk 1. Tracks 30-41 are on Disk 2 and make up the afternoon concert from March 18, 1972. Tracks 42-48 are on Disk 2 and make up the Documentary feature with Rolan Bolan called Cosmic Rock. Track 49 is the Re-Born To Boogie Restoration Feature on Disk 2. Tracks 50-63 are on Disk 2 and are extra features only available on the Special Edition DVD. Approximate running time with bonus features is 325 minutes.