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TitleCD: The Beatles Second Album (The U.S. Albums)
ArtistThe Beatles
TypeFull  No Disks1 Copies1
Original Release04/10/1964  CD Release01/21/2014 LabelApple/Capitol
Catalog NoST-2080 Release StatusOfficial  
Tracks 1-11 and 21-22 are mono. Tracks 12-20 are in stereo. Released as part of a box set called The U.S. Albums (and also sold separately). Tracks are created from the 2009 remasters and not from the original Capitol masters used for The Beatles Second Album released in 1964. The mono mixes that were reduced from stereo on the original mono The Beatles Second Album have been replaced here with the original EMI-prepared mono mixes. The duophonic mixes of I'll Get You and She Loves You on the original stereo album are replaced with mono mixes (stereo mixes of these tracks are unavailable). Therefore both I'll Get You and She Loves You are duplicated on the CD (tracks 10 and 21 for I'll Get You and tracks 11 and 22 for She Loves You).